POV Project

Posted on February 26, 2011


My current project is based on the Persistence of Vision clocks. This is one that is similar to my inspiration:


However, now that I am started, I found this one which puts all my plans to shame:


I thought about using an air gap transform to get power to it, but decided that I am just going for proof of concept for my own amusement and that wasn’t the goal (at least yet – providing power that way might be an interesting project in its own right).

I bought an Arduino and plan to mount it on a wooden disk mounted on an old bicycle wheel hub.

Here is the bike and the result:

Then the carpentry part:

Now to find a table of 5X7 ASCII characters. I could not find one already encoded, so I took a chart from a 5X7 LED display and filled it into a spreadsheet and generated my table. I programmed my Arduino and bought some LEDs and what not, breadboarded it and blinked out a character.

Now I am ready to move from breadboard to circuitboard.

It is slow going as I keep realizing I need this part or that one. Currently need long screws for my standoffs and also a 2.54 spaced header.

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