Post Apocalyptic / Civilization Building Books – Part 2 – Conrad Stargard

Posted on July 4, 2012


I am breaking up my Post Apocalyptic posting into parts, one per book series or book since I plan a whole series of postings on this. Furthermore, after further thought about the common elements, I realized that the common thread is actually civilization building. There are many post-apocalyptic books and movies I have liked, but the best are those that focus on rebuilding after the apocalypse. In addition, I lump into this category stories that use world traveling or time traveling to strand current era people in a backwards era and they have to rebuild a civilization. I still have a place for my heart for pure apocalyptic books and movies since they demonstrate what we have to lose, but to satisfy me, they must really illustrate that like The Walking Dead rather than just a setting for savagery like Mad Max.

So this column (other than this forward) is just a breakout from Part 1, so if you read that, skip on to Part 4 which will be up shortly.

My last post leads me straight to Conrad Stargard, the Crosstime Engineer. Conrad is a modern engineer who finds himself in Europe 10 years before the Mongol invasion and must build up a technological base and industrial infrastructure to defeat the coming invasion. Along the way he must overcome the existing social structures and build a open society. I love that this is not overlooked. I think most of us would be burnt at the stake or enslaved if we found ourselves in these ancient societies. The best books take into account that it is not going to be as simple as flicking a cigarette lighter at them.
Unfortunately, book #1 and #4 are not currently in print. Also, Leo Frankowski should have stopped with #5 in my opinion.

0 Prequel – best read after the series)

1 The Cross-Time Engineer (Adventures of Conrad Stargard, Book 1)

2 3

4 Flying Warlord (Adventures of Conrad Stargard, Book 4)

5 6 7