Post Apocalyptic / Civilization Building Books – Part 4 – The Change / Emberverse

Posted on July 4, 2012


The Nantucket series is one of my favorite series and is by S. M. Stirling. It is tied very loosely to another series by Stirling known as the Emberverse series, collectively known as The Change series. Both were set in motion by the same event but are very different. One (Emberverse) deals with the world after the event that left the current world without technology such as electricity and explosives (i.e. fast chemical reactions such as gunpowder) and the different societies that sprang up in the aftermath.

The Nantucket series deals with the island of Nantucket which the same event threw back in time to circa 1250 BC. There they attempt to rebuild their civilization on the island with what they have on hand. Later books deal with exploring and building an empire. Luckily there was a Coast Guard cutter at the island at the time of the event to furnish a vehicle for exploring as well as roster of characters with the capabilities needed to lead. Sometimes to disastrous conclusions.

The Emberverse series is a bit heavy on the political dealings for my taste and also a bit heavy on glorifying Wicca (I have nothing against it, it just isn’t what I wanted in this book). And not very much technology rebuilding. More about social rebuilding. But nevertheless, a good read.

I would also point out that Steve is a great speaker. I have seen him for 3 or 4 years at DragonCon and his panels are always interesting and he is very well informed. He even hopefully forgave me (hopefully) for mixing up his series with Eric Flint’s 1642 series (they both deal with “islands” thrown back in history). I’ll deal with Eric’s series in a future posting.

Wikipedia has an excellent summary.



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