Post Apocalyptic / Civilization Building Books – Part 5 – The General (Raj Whitehall)

Posted on July 8, 2012


Another civilization (re)building is The General series (aka Raj Whitehall).

This is one in the future where a galactic empire has collapsed and still functioning battle computer selects Raj Whitehall to be the unifying force to rebuild the empire and imparts the knowledge to do so. Like any good series, this builds in each book with successive challenges of ever widening scope. Very similar to the Belisarius series. This is also by S. M. Stirling along with David Drake (a very good military SF writer, although I must confess to having not read a book with him as solo author) and for the final one, Eric Flint. The author names alone should recommend this to you.

Wikipedia has a good article on the series. Also see the reviews in the links below. These are also available to be read online, like many I recommend, through the good publisher Baen in their free library.

The first 5 books were written and then 3 more to extend the series.

The Forge (1991)
The Hammer (1992) (out of print)
The Anvil (1993)
The Steel (1993)
The Sword (1995)

Omnibus versions are also available:

1-2 Warlord (read online)
3-5 Conqueror (read online).

The final 3 books:

The Chosen (1996) (read online)
The Reformer (1999) (read online)
The Tyrant (by Eric Flint, 2002) (read online)