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Home Automation / Temperature Sensors Part 2

January 29, 2015


With the checksum working, I moved on to the next stage: getting the temperatures out of the Arduino. I found an example webserver that served up the analog inputs using a Ethernet shield compatible with mine. A quick test and a little network configuration to get a static IP address and it ran. Now comes […]

Home Automation / Temperature Sensors

January 21, 2015


This project’s scope is open ended. The initial scope is to have a temperature sensor in each room, capture that data and push it to a server where I’ll have a webpage displaying a blueprint of my house and the temperature and humidity in each room, giving a visual representation of the balance of temperature […]

POV Project

February 26, 2011


My current project is based on the Persistence of Vision clocks. This is one that is similar to my inspiration: However, now that I am started, I found this one which puts all my plans to shame: I thought about using an air gap transform to get power to it, but decided that […]