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Time Travel (and Romance) in Movies

June 30, 2012


If you love Somewhere in Time, you’ll love The Time Traveler’s Wife [Blu-ray]. Both are 2 people who fall in love but separated in time. And while we are talking about time travel, check out Primer. Not only is it a good time travel story with a loop, but it realistically represents engineering. The scenes […]

Downton Abbey

January 3, 2012


This is a period piece set in England prior to WWII. The fascinating aspect is the rigid society within the manor house. If you have seen PBS’s Manor House, you have some idea. Having toured the Biltmore House, it is fun to see the equivalent manor populated and observe the social order. If you enjoy these things, […]

Shaun of the Dead

December 29, 2011


Having just watched Paul, I am in the frame of mind to mention Shaun of the Dead. Others have written plenty, so I won’t rehash all of that. I will say it is one of those movies like a Monty Python one that you can watch over and over and quote endlessly. So if you […]


December 28, 2011


Fans of SF and Cons and Simon Pegg must watch Paul. Plenty of tributes to Spielberg, ET, Star Wars, Star Trek, Cons, etc. Definitely one I would watch again. If you know a costumer, you may see him or her as an extra in the Con scenes.


February 26, 2011


Great new blog to follow:   Rubin moved to Google+ and now appears to be a stream of concsiousness, but still interesting. The original thing that caught my attention on his blog, and that I keep going back to is this on GE and leadership: